International Automotive and Mobility Summit

17 November 2020


What is AutoMob

AutoMob brings together the key companies and organizations that lead the automotive, transport and mobility industries at international level.

The decarbonisation challenge, autonomous and electric vehicles, the factories of the future, the digital disruption and much more will be at the spotlight.

Join us for one unique online event on 17 November 2020. Registrations are open and free!


Speeches from industry leaders will help you bring valuable insights back to your company.


Ask, comment and connect online with others during AutoMob summit sessions. You can meet here your potential business partners and industry role models.

Meet the future

Stay up to date with all the opportunities and challenges coming up for the automotive and mobility industry in the new scenario of transition to a green economy and new production models.


AutoMob brings you the opportunity to listen to insights from the market leaders in the automotive and mobility industries internationally.

María José Rallo

Secretary-General for Transport and Mobility

Justo Sierra


Emilio Titos

Director General

Iñigo Loizaga

Engineering Director

René González

Advanced Manufaturing Director

Joost Vantomme

Smart Mobility Director

Arancha García

Director Industry and Environment


Join us for a unique online event on 17 November 2020

Registrations are open and free!


A day of short, dynamic and specialized sessions with international speakers who bring you closer to the reality of their companies and the opportunities for the automotive and mobility sector of the future.



Official opening of AutoMob Summit with institutional representatives.

  • Asime: Justo Sierra, President
  • CZFV (Free zone consortium Vigo): David Regades, State Delegate
  • Xunta de Galicia (Regional Government): Fernando Guldrís, Director General, Igape
  • Spanish Government: María José Rallo, Secretary-General of Transport and Mobility
  • Vigo’s Mayor: Abel Caballero



International vision and logistics on automotive industry

We analyze with third countries with strong automotive industry how they see the sector evolving and what role logistics play in the current industrial context.

  • Permanent representation of Spain in the EU: Alberto Ruiz Rodríguez, Industry and Tourism Advisor
  • Municipio Celaya (Guanajuato-México): Adiel Ramos, Business Development Director
  • Amica (Moroccan Association of Automotive Industry and Manufacturing): Abdelaziz Meftah, Director General
  • Suardiaz: Juan Riva, CEO


Challenges of advanced manufacturing: digital solutions for the automotive industry

The digital transformation of our industry is already a reality. Learn with leading companies how they are doing it in their plants across the world.

  • CIE Automotive: Iñigo Loizaga, Engineering Director of CIE Automotive Group and member of the Management Committee
  • Gestamp: René González, Advanced Manufaturing Director
  • Mercedes-Benz: Emilio Titos, Director General España
  • Toyota: Toyota Motor Manufacturing de Guanajuato (TMMGT), Mexico
  • Renault: Morocco-Tanger division


The future of mobility: connected, autonomous and electric vehicles

Market evolution: the vehicle of the future from the manufacturers perspective

  • ANFAC: Arancha García, Industry and Environment Director
  • ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association): Joost Vantomme, Smart Mobiliy Director at ACEA

Electric solutions: a success story

  • VMS Automotive-Grupo Marsan: Pedro Martínez Vergés, CEO

Technology advancements and importance of innovation

  • Tecnalia: Agustín Sáenz, Vicedirector General of Markets
  • CTAG: Luis Moreno, Director General
  • INSIA (University Institute of Automobile Research of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM): Felipe Jiménez Alonso, Director of Intelligent Systems


Smart mobily and the cities of the future

Our cities will change radically with the integration of new technologies. The mobility of the future will change the way we move, our production model, logistics, environmental impact and many other areas that we analyze in this panel with experts in the sector.

  • Iberdrola: Carlos Bergera, Head of International Relations Smart Mobility
  • Telefónica: Alfredo Serret, Director Global de Desarrollo de Negocio de Telefónica IoT & BD


New sales strategies for changing customers

The Covid-19 has opened a new way of selling in the automotive sector, which together with an increasingly changing consumer, is causing companies to adapt their sales strategy to new types of customers and new scenarios such as online sales.

  • Faconauto, Alfonso Nogueiro, Director General
  • Sumauto: Nicolas Cantaert, Director General



Institutional closing of AutoMob Summit:

  • Asime: Justo Sierra, Presidente
  • CEOE: Antonio Garamendi, Presidente
  • Galician Government: Alberto Núñez Feijóo, President
  • Spanish Government: Raül Blanco, Secretary General for Industry and SME, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism


Collaborating event of the Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda

Cofinanced by Xunta de Galicia & EU



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