What is AutoMob

AutoMob is the International Automotive and Mobility Summit.

AutoMob brings together the key companies and organizations that lead the automotive, transport and mobility industries at international level.

The decarbonisation challenge, the mobility of the future, new business models, the connected, autonomous and electric car, digital opportunities and much more will be at the spotlight.

Join us for one unique online event on 17 November 2020. Registrations are open and free!

Why AutoMob


Speeches from industry leaders will help you bring valuable insights back to your company.


Ask, comment and connect online with others during AutoMob summit sessions. You can meet here your potential business partners and industry role models.

Meet the future

Stay up to date with all the opportunities and challenges coming up for the automotive and mobility industry in the new scenario of transition to a green economy and new production models.

The automotive and mobility industry is facing unprecedented challenges. Decarbonisation and the change towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly production model are leading to the rise of new transport models: the electric car, the connected vehicle, autonomous driving, intelligent logistics networks…

But for this new model to be operational and widespread, the industry is facing important changes such as the transformation of the combustion car, electrification of vehicles, autonomy of electric batteries, a network of globalised recharging points, safety in autonomous driving, application of digital solutions…

During the AutoMob Summit we will analyze the current state of the industry and look at the future of this sector that is undergoing a transformation with great challenges but also enormous opportunities.


Join us for one unique online event on 17 November 2020

Registrations are open and free!

AutoMob is an event organized by Asime

AutoMob is an event organized by Asime, the Association of Metal Industries and Related Technologies of Galicia. This Spanish organization brings together more than 600 companies from the industrial sector, which represent 20% of the Galician region’s GDP and employ more than 67.000 workers.

AutoMob is open and free, book your space now!