Alfredo Serret

Business Development Global Director at Telefónica IoT & BD

Telefónica is the most important telecommunications company in Europe and the fifth largest worldwide. Based in Spain, it is one of the leading organizations in innovation and technology. In the field of IoT, they promote the digital transformation and interconnectivity of companies, economy, mobility and other agents of the economy.


Tuesday 17 November 2020

Smart mobily and the cities of the future

Our cities will change radically with the integration of new technologies. The mobility of the future will change the way we move, our production model, logistics, environmental impact and many other areas that we analyze in this panel with experts in the sector.

  • Iberdrola: Carlos Bergera, Head of International Relations Smart Mobility
  • Telefónica: Alfredo Serret, Director Global de Desarrollo de Negocio de Telefónica IoT & BD