Abdelaziz Meftah

Director General

The Amica (Moroccan Association of the Automobile Industry and Automobile Manufacturers) is a dynamic agent of the Moroccan automobile sector, a growing ecosystem in constant search of investors to support the vigorous evolution of the Moroccan automobile industry.


Tuesday 17 November 2020

International vision and logistics on automotive industry

We analyze with third countries with strong automotive industry how they see the sector evolving and what role logistics play in the current industrial context.

  • Permanent representation of Spain in the EU: Alberto Ruiz Rodríguez, Industry and Tourism Advisor
  • Municipio Celaya (Guanajuato-México): Adiel Ramos, Business Development Director
  • Amica (Moroccan Association of Automotive Industry and Manufacturing): Abdelaziz Meftah, Director General
  • Suardiaz: Juan Riva, CEO