Alberto Ruiz

Consejero de Industria

The Permanent Representation (REPER) of Spain to the European Union is an Embassy of the Spanish Government composed of officials from all the ministries, experts in the subjects of their competence, who work in coordination under the instructions of the Ambassadors and their ministries in Madrid.
The mission of REPER is to promote and defend the interests of the Spanish people and of all Europeans as a whole in the decision-making process, to defend the Spanish position and to influence decisions, always with the aim of building a fairer and more balanced Europe for all citizens of the Union. To this end, it has the dual function of forming part of the Council of the European Union and defending Spain's interests before all the Union's institutions.


Tuesday 17 November 2020

International vision and logistics on automotive industry

We analyze with third countries with strong automotive industry how they see the sector evolving and what role logistics play in the current industrial context.

  • Permanent representation of Spain in the EU: Alberto Ruiz Rodríguez, Industry and Tourism Advisor
  • Municipio Celaya (Guanajuato-México): Adiel Ramos, Business Development Director
  • Amica (Moroccan Association of Automotive Industry and Manufacturing): Abdelaziz Meftah, Director General
  • Suardiaz: Juan Riva, CEO