Justo Sierra


President of Asime, organizer of the AutoMob Summit, and President of the company Urovesa, a Spanish defense contractor with a long history, specialized in the construction of special vehicles of great tonnage and capacity.


    Tuesday 17 November


    Official opening of AutoMob Summit with institutional representatives.

    • Asime: Justo Sierra, President
    • CZFV (Free zone consortium Vigo): David Regades, State Delegate
    • Xunta de Galicia (Regional Government): Fernando Guldrís, Director General, Igape
    • Spanish Government: María José Rallo, Secretary-General of Transport and Mobility
    • Vigo’s Mayor: Abel Caballero



    Tuesday 17 November


    Institutional closing of AutoMob Summit:

    • Asime: Justo Sierra, Presidente
    • CEOE: Antonio Garamendi, Presidente
    • Galician Government: Alberto Núñez Feijóo, President
    • Spanish Government: Raül Blanco, Secretary General for Industry and SME, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism