Luis Moreno

General Manager at CTAG

The Galician Automotive Technology Centre, CTAG, offers advanced technological solutions to the automotive sector. It supports the sector's industries in their modernization and adaptation to new technologies in their products and manufacturing processes. It promotes several autonomous driving projects such as AUTOPILOT, with which it has carried out parking and autonomous driving tests in the city of Vigo.


Tuesday 17 November 2020

The future of mobility: connected, autonomous and electric vehicles

Market evolution: the vehicle of the future from the manufacturers perspective

  • ANFAC: Arancha García, Industry and Environment Director
  • ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association): Joost Vantomme, Smart Mobiliy Director at ACEA

Electric solutions: a success story

  • VMS Automotive-Grupo Marsan: Pedro Martínez Vergés, CEO

Technology advancements and importance of innovation

  • Tecnalia: Agustín Sáenz, Vicedirector General of Markets
  • CTAG: Luis Moreno, Director General
  • INSIA (University Institute of Automobile Research of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM): Felipe Jiménez Alonso, Director of Intelligent Systems